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Malaga is increasingly becoming a cultural metropolis. There are cultural highlights every month, be it the Carnival in February, the Spanish Film Festival in March, the Semana Santa at Easter, or the August Feria, the Christmas lightshow, or the Verdiales just before New Year's Eve.

Holy Week (Easter)

The Semana Santa or Holy Week at Easter is one of the most impressive in Andalusia. The processions in the city center, especially in the evening are gorgeous. You have to go a little earlier to get a good seat. The processions go for a week. There are the day and night processions. Apart from Sevilla, the Semana Santa in Malaga is probably the largest and most impressive.

Feria (August)

The Feria in August is the largest folk festival in Spain and comparable to the Oktoberfest in Munich. There are more than a million people every year..The day feria is in the city center and the nigth feria on the feria area (huge) just outside. At the Feria will be dancing, drinking and listening to music for 10 days. It is the main attraction in hot August.

Fiesta Mayor de Verdiales (after Christmas)

After Christmas, the "Fiesta Mayor de Verdiales" always takes place on the holiday site in Malaga on December 28th. The holiday site is located in Venta San Cayetano del Puerto de la Torre just outside the city. This is a competition of different folklore groups from the villages around Malaga. Andalusian songs are sung and danced until late at night. Each participating village receives from the jury a score, which is written down on a blackboard. This is very Andalusian. Of course, the Malaga wine flows in streams ...

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Pictures Fiesta Mayor Verdiales in Malaga

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