Bars and restaurants of Malaga

One of the special features in Malaga are the countless tapas bars / restaurants / cafes / bars in the center (over 1000!). Life in the bars usually starts at 21:00. Before that one finds easier places. It's fun to walk from bar to bar and grab a snack (tapas) everywhere. Here you get to know the Andalusian soul. A must for every Malague visitor. In recent years, a lot of roof-top bars have emerged. Of these, one often has a special view of the town, harbor or castles. It's hard to give tips here. Here you will find reviews of the bars and restaurants in Malaga.

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Our regular tapas bar is the "Lo GÜENO" The tapas bar with the largest selection of tapas according to our experience is since 1967 in the C /. Marin Gracia 9. Tel .: 952223048. The atmosphere is class. There is also a large selection of Malaga wines here. Recently, a branch office near the cathedral was opened. It specializes in meat and is called "Meson Lo Güeno".

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The Bodega "Antigua Casa de Guardia" is an institution in Malaga. There are only wines from Andalusia and Malaga. The atmosphere should be enjoyed here, because it only exists here. In the bodega, founded in 1840, you can enjoy the Malaga wine. The decor is over 100 years old. The prices are very cheap (less than 3 €). There is no food and the bar is very popular with locals.
Location: Alameda Principal nº 18

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A bar with a special atmosphere and many famous visitors (Tony Blair, Antonio Banderas, John Markovic, Picasso family etc.) is the "El Pimpi" near the Picasso Museum.

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Malaga now has at least 10 rooftop bars, from which one has a beautiful view. Our 3 favorites are:
Alcazaba Premium Hotel: Spectacular views of the Alcazaba Castle, Antonio Bandera's apartment and the Roman Theater:
Location: Calle Alcazabilla, 12

Hotel Molina Lario: Panoramic view of the entire city, the harbor, the cathedral and the mountains
Location: Calle Cortina del Muelle 1

La Terraza De Valeria: View of the harbor and the Plaza de Marina. Has a large chill terrace with large loungers.
Location: Plaza Poeta Alfonso Canales, 5

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