Botanical Garden of Malaga
La Conception

The Botanical Garden of Malaga "Jardin La Conception" is worth a visit in every season. Created by an Englishman in the 19th century, it is one of the most beautiful gardens in Spain. It is a tropical / subtropical paradise. The garden is located outside the center. Be sure to bring enough time with you.
Among the more than 3,000 species that can be found here is the huge grove of the garden to highlight several hundred-year-old Ficus specimens (Ficus microcarpa and F. macrophylla), Araucarias (Araucaria heterophylla and Araucaria bidwillii). , Casuarina, magnolia, pine, cypress and cedar. Other examples include cycas (Cycas revoluta and Cycas circinalis), giant birds of paradise (Strelitzia nicolai), bamboo species (Phyllostachys nigra, Bambusa vulgaris etc.), water lilies and an unusual climbing plant (Wisteria sinensis) that covers an enormous 19th century iron pavilion from the century.

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