Shopping in Malaga

Malaga has always been the " shopping centre " of the Costa del Sol. This trend has intensified in recent years with the reconstruction of the old town and the construction of many new shopping centres. There is something for everyone. The Calle Larios (big brands - figurehead and main shopping street) with its side streets (small local shops), the market hall for gourmets and "fresh fanatics", the Plaza Mayor at the airport, which is modelled on an Andalusian city, or the many large shopping centres in the different districts.


The market hall ( Mercado Central de Atarazanas ) is located on the former site of a 14th century shipyard, of which the entrance gate is still preserved. The market has a 600 year old history. The entrance gate is listed as a historic monument. From 2008-2010 the market hall was extensively restored and brought back to its original state.
The market hall is divided into 3 halls, one each for east/vegetables, meat and fish/seafood. On the south and north side there are small bars (8 in number). There you can enjoy the fresh delicacies. The market is a must for every visitor to Malaga.

Opening hours: 
Mon-Sat: 08:00 - 15:00

Calle Atarazanas 10, 29005 Malaga

Calle Larios

Since 2002, Calle Larios has been a pedestrian zone. It is the main shopping street of Malaga and the heart of the old town. Calle Larios is not long. At the beginning is the Plaza Marina with the two new hotels " Only YOU Hotel Málaga " and " Soho Boutique La Equitativa " and at the end the " Plaza de la Constitution ". On Calle Larios you will find the usual big brands. But it gets interesting in the side streets, where you will find small local shops. The special thing about the architecture of Calle Larios is that all the buildings were built at the same time. Many cultural attractions take place on the Calle Larios, such as the famous Christmaslightshow, fashion shows, the Semana Santa, Augustferia etc.

The history of Calle Larios
The Calle Larios in Malaga is the most important architectural work of the 19th century When the central shopping street " Calle Larios " was officially reopened after eight months of renovation work, many a visitor interested in history may have thought of the year 1891. For in that year, the year the street was completed, the interest of the inhabitants of Malaga was just as great as almost 112 years later. Calle Larios has played an important role in the provincial capital for more than a century: as a promenade, as a shopping street and as the venue for the famous Feria in August. The history of Malaga's most famous street begins in 1880 with the first referendum in the city. The mayor at the time wanted to know from the residents whether they preferred the available municipal funds to be invested in the extension of the second tower of the cathedral or in the construction of a central street in the city centre. The result is well known: The nickname of the cathedral in Malaga is still "La Manquita", the one-armed woman - the residents decided on Calle Larios. In 1880, the city of Malaga founded a construction company and laid the foundation stone for the construction of a street that would open the way to the harbour by purchasing house number 28 at the Plaza de la Constitucion. In an attempt to also attract private investors to the project, the mayor at the time came across an industrialist family whose name is still closely associated with the city of Malaga today: the Marques de Larios family not only promoted the street named after them, but also many other projects in the city and is still the owner of numerous buildings in the centre of Malaga today. In 1887, the Hijos de Larios company signed a contract with the city, according to which they were solely responsible for the execution of the construction work. The condition: the completion of the street and its buildings within a period of four years and the provision of 4,800 square metres of land for the city. The four-year deadline was met and Calle Larios was officially opened on 27 August 1891. Six years later, the first lighting took place. The first shops and cafes, including many that are still there today, quickly became the meeting place for Malaga citizens. Historians refer to the construction of Calle Larios as the "most important architectural work of the 19th century."

Plaza Mayor Malaga

Plaza Mayor" is the largest shopping centre in the province of Málaga. Located in the west of the city of Málaga, opposite the Parador de Golf on the N-340, the 28,000 square metre shopping centre offers the residents of Málaga and the surrounding area more than just shopping or eating out. There is also an IKEA open in the neighbourhood. The large leisure offer "Plaza Mayor" is conceived as an amusement park and is designed like an Andalusian village with whitewashed houses, terraces, fountains and palm trees. 20 cinemas, 20 bowling alleys, a discotheque and a fitness centre will ensure that customers are also attracted to the shopping centre for leisure activities. 108 shops and restaurants in total, the "Plaza Mayor" houses 73 retail outlets and 35 restaurants, bars and cafeterias.

The extension was opened in February 2020. It is an additional luxury designer outlet that is directly adjacent to the Plaza Mayour. Here you will find over 100 international brands at low prices (up to 70% cheaper). You can find more information about the outlet here:

opening hours:
The "Plaza Mayor" shopping centre is open daily from 10 am. Shops close at 10 pm and Sundays, restaurants and cafeterias at midnight, Friday and Saturday at 01:00 am

C. Alfonso Ponce de León, 3-6, 29004 Málaga

Malls of Malaga

Vialia at the train station of Malaga 
Street of the Esplanade of Station 3; Internet: /

Larios Center: Plaza de la Solidaridad 5; Internet:

El Corte Ingles: Calle Hilera 8; Internet:

Rosaleda Shopping Center: Av. Luis Buñuel, 14 Internet:

Malaga Plaza: Calle de Armengual de La Mota 14; Internet:

Malaga Nostrum: Calle Jaén, nº 1; Internet:

Muelle Uno: Port of Málaga, Av. Manuel Agustín Heredia 7; Internet:

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